Who are we?

That question is simple and runs deep in our everyday practices. We are a company that is based off of hard work, good times and doing things a little different. Created by two life long friends Aaron Lee and Matthew Christopher, Hangry’s was never meant to be just a run of the mill restaurant. The vision of Hangry’s is just like our food good… simple. Hangry’s is a place where friends come to catch up, families come to laugh and new faces instantly become forever friends. We pride ourselves on being the out of the way favorite spot to eat or the fuel up for your next adventure.

Come Hangry, Leave Happy.


House Rules

 1) Make awesome food

2) Make sure our customers leave happy. 


Aaron Lee

Co - Owner 

If he isn't remodeling something or moving things around in the Kitchen you can often times find Aaron in the gym or with his beautiful wife and dog rumor


Aveon Harris

General Manager

Running a tight clean shift Aveon Harris has worked his way up in the company over the past 3 years to earn the role as GM. He has helped Hangry's go from a small mom and pop restaurant to being a nationally know restaurant that is growing every month. If you don't see Aveon behind the grill or quality control checking your order. You can catch him in the studio recording his next hit.


Matthew Christopher

Co - Owner

Saying "hey" to pretty much anyone and never meeting a stranger. Matthew's love for humans and always trying to get to know them is what fuels his passion for Hangry's... You can tell him to shut up any time you want